However you trade energy, Igloo is for you

Whether you are involved in the financial or physical trading of European energy or are an asset optimiser and aggregator, Igloo’s unique built-for-cloud functionality will transform efficiency and productivity.

Igloo for Financial trading

Igloo is designed to meet the high frequency, high volume, algorithmic trading needs of modern European energy hedge funds and financial derivative traders. With STP automation on all the major European energy exchanges and trading platforms across futures, options, swaps and FX, plus connectivity to clearers, DMA providers and fund administrators, Igloo can support automated trading volumes in excess of 10,000 trades per day.

  • Live position and P&L, via your mobile
  • Live risk including option greeks
  • Fully automated end-of-day and P&L processing and trade lifecycle
  • Risk limits can be configured for position and credit monitoring
  • Intelligent back office solution supports multiple funds, treasury function and best in class reconciliation platform for clearers
  • Full suite of risk reporting including VaR
  • Allows easy integration with fund administrators or third party platforms
Wanting partners that understood trading, with a solution that could be delivered quickly and simply... Igloo was the clear choice
Liam Dunne
COO, Equias B.V.

Igloo for Physical trading

Igloo provides full support for pan European physical power and gas trading, including physical forwards, physical index, physical options and capacity. European locations and delivery hubs are provided as standard and can be configured easily in line with your requirements.

  • Real time position and P&L in ¼ hour, ½ hour and hourly granularity enable you to manage prompt trading
  • Highly performant, supporting high volume trading close to gate closure
  • Real-time imbalance exposure
  • Publishes house schedule and gas nominations for integration with third party logistics provider or Elexon
  • Fully automated end-of-day and P&L processing and trade lifecycle
  • Provides full interfaces for the loading of asset and demand profiles, while its live price curves again support ¼ hour, ½ hour and hourly granularity and automatic building of price curve multipliers from historic and market data
  • Integration with Equias’s back office services including eCM, eRR and eSM and also ICE eConfirm
  • Full invoicing capability

Igloo for Asset Optimisers and Aggregators

The full physical and financial trading functionality of Igloo is complemented by additional functionality designed to support the specific requirements of running and managing a multi-asset backed business.

  • Full integrations with EPEX, Nordpool and Elexon
  • Asset profiles and network information loaded automatically via API
  • Real-time positions and full P&L
  • Position and P&L aggregation at any level

Intelligent Energy Trading...

The team at Igloo have years of experience and understand ETRM. Their cloud-based platform provides state of the art features that are critical for running a multi asset backed trading business
Chris Fisher
Head of Asset Optimisation, Conrad Energy

Get in touch and see Igloo for yourself

Whether you’re a physical or financial trader (or both), or are engaged in asset optimisation and aggregation, contact us. We’ll be pleased to arrange a demo of Igloo for you.