Igloo. The built-for-cloud ETRM platform
designed for European trading

Igloo is a built-for-cloud ETRM solution designed specifically for the requirements of trading energy in the European markets. The platform’s core architecture is designed to provide the reliability, robustness and security you expect and need for a 24×7 trading platform, with bespoke monitoring providing seamless failover and alerting.

  • Unlike legacy solutions that have migrated and adapted existing technology for the cloud, Igloo’s cloud-first architecture allows us to deliver either single or multi-tenanted implementations to best fit each customer profile.
  • Igloo can be delivered via web, desktop, mobile or API.
  • Igloo is built to scale, delivering the simplest ETRM solution through to the most complex algorithmic trading on a single platform, and with the capacity to handle exceptional levels of throughput.











European physical and financial energy trading...

Designed and built for Europe

Igloo is designed for the specific needs of European physical and financial energy trading and European back offices.

It offers the widest range of connectivity to European markets, clearers, intermediaries and trading platforms (including Trading Technologies [TT] and various FX brokers).

Igloo also interfaces to Elexon, enmacc, Equias back office services and multiple European logistics providers.

We will build out further interfaces as requested.

Igloo provides full support to manage your currency exposure.

Igloo provides connectivity
to all major European markets

  • Trayport
  • ICE
  • CME
  • Nord Pool
  • EEX
  • EPEX

Igloo. A single platform for Financial and Physical trading

Igloo supports financial and physical trading with equal facility.

Physical Energy Trading
Financial Energy Trading
trading icon
Physical Energy Trading
  •     Storage
  •     Capacity
  •     Physical Forwards
  •     Physical Options
  •     Physical Index
  •     Inventory
Financial Energy Trading
  • FX    
  • Basis    
  • Swaps    
  • Futures    
  • Listed Options    
  • Swaptions    

Where Igloo delivers advantage

Built specifically for trading energy in Europe in a way that reflects both the market and trading practices as they are today, Igloo offers a host of user benefits and competitive advantages.

Real Time Position P&L

Igloo provides real time price curves, position, option greeks and P&L across physical and financial energy trading. It automatically builds trading curves from price feeds for both liquid and illiquid energy markets.

Built-in Exchange Connectivity

With connections with Trayport, ICE, CME, EEX and EPEX, Igloo connects you seamlessly to exchanges, trading platforms, auctions and client portals as standard. This enables full STP with minimal set up. No additional costs. No costly implementations.

Real-time Risk Management

Igloo provides pre deal, real time, post deal and EOD risk management (Historical VaR) and P&L, giving you full insight into, and control over, your trading business. Risk management within day and at close of business.

Automated Trading Processes

Igloo’s seamless STP capability means your trades are automatically routed to Igloo from the exchange. Igloo then automates the reconciliation process, including clearing margin and fees, direct market access margin and fees, and brokers’ fees.

Fast, low-cost Implementation

Igloo can be implemented in just a few weeks. The core functionality of the platform is preconfigured, making it quick and easy to set up. There is no additional cost. New markets and exchanges can be added within days, also at no extra cost.

Intelligent Pricing

Igloo can create hourly or sub-hourly pricing for real time valuation and official EOD risk management, for liquid and illiquid energy markets.

Igloo. Take a closer look

Check out the clean, simple trading screens and charts and intuitive user interface that characterise Igloo’s approach to ETRM

As one of the largest hedge funds specialising in European energy markets, we were looking for an ETRM system offering complete end-to-end capabilities including trade execution, order management and middle and back office functionality. Thanks to Igloo, not only do we trade more profitably and manage our risk more efficiently, but we have reduced our operational costs by 75pc
Jeremy Urquhart
COO, Nanook Energy Advisors LLP

Get in touch and see Igloo for yourself

Whether you’re a physical or financial trader (or both), or are engaged in asset optimisation and aggregation, contact us. We’ll be pleased to arrange a demo of Igloo for you.