Conrad Energy Trading go live with Igloo Cloud ETRM

Conrad Energy Trading go live with Igloo Cloud ETRM 

London – UK, 1st Jul 2020

Igloo Trading Solutions, a leading provider of smarter ETRM solutions for the European energy markets, announced today that it had successfully partnered with Conrad Energy Trading to deliver its Cloud-based ETRM platform for GB Energy trading and risk management.

Conrad Energy Trading  (part of the Conrad Energy Group), an innovative new entrant in the GB energy market, provides asset optimisation and energy trading services for its own flexible generation assets and to external clients for generation, storage and flexible demand.

Conrad partnered with Igloo to deliver an end-to-end ETRM solution from trade execution through front, middle and back office and Elexon integration. Igloo now provides the Conrad Asset Optimisation team with the ability to load multiple asset generation profiles and manage position and price risk in real time at the asset balancing group level. Igloo also provides connectivity as standard to all European exchanges including EPEX and EPEX Auction, allowing traders to execute trades directly from the ETRM platform.

Igloo worked specifically with the Conrad Asset Optimisation team to extend the capabilities of the Cloud ETRM platform to be able include data on SVA and CVA flows, Elexon Settlement runs, DLM, TLM, BSUoS, TNUoS, RCRC, Gas take, EUETS and other factors related to physical operation in the daily P&L process.  

This provides Conrad traders with full visibility of  a real P&L with drill down on costs at the asset level. 

Lee Priestley, Commercial Director at Conrad, noted “The ability to execute trades, manage and reconcile imbalance, and understand real P&L versus traded P&L in the same platform delivers significant commercial upside and operational cost savings to Conrad. It was a complex project requiring interfacing to several applications within the Conrad ETRM ecosystem.  We selected Igloo as their modern, cloud-based ETRM architecture provided powerful functionality as standard and the team has decades of ETRM delivery experience.  


Conrad Energy is a new entrant to the GB energy market, with advanced plans to develop, own and operate up to 1GW of flexible gas-fired generation and behind the meter assets. Our own assets are designed to respond quickly to market signals and provide local energy at the point of need, while also providing important services to National Grid. As the GB electricity network becomes increasingly reliant on solar, wind and other renewable technologies, Conrad’s portfolio of flexible generation provides fast response and highly flexible support.

We believe that value can only be fully unlocked by having access to all markets and the ability to optimise all of them. As such we have our own in-house trading and optimisation team, with the industry experience and technical know-how to make the most of all market opportunities.

Our third-party energy management and optimisation services also allow large energy users and other developers of flexible assets to gain access to the energy markets, maximising revenue and minimising cost.


Igloo is an energy trading and risk management platform engineered to meet the needs of traders operating in today’s European markets.  Igloo Trading Solutions, the developer of Igloo, is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and solutions for traders in these markets.  With substantial experience in trading and technology at some of Europe’s largest energy trading organisations, the team behind Igloo have developed the platform with the conviction that ETRM can be done simpler, better and more cost effectively. 


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Contact us at or visit

Published on:
06 Jul 2020

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