Bonroy Petchem go live with Igloo Cloud ETRM

Igloo Trading Solutions a leading provider of smarter ETRM solutions for the European energy market, announced today that Bonroy Petchem have gone live with its cloud ETRM platform, for crude and refined products, LPG and gas trading.

Bonroy Petchem trades a variety of contracts across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East. Igloo provides Bonroy with full STP connectivity to Trayport, ICE and CME for all trades, as well as automated price feeds for real time valuation. Igloo also provides full position, P&L and risk across trading portfolios. Trades executed on market exchanges and trading platforms instantaneously appear in the Igloo position screens.

The Igloo solution also provides fully automated clearing and DMA reconciliation and automated connection to GMSL and Equias eCM and eRR.
The implementation took just 8 weeks and was delivered fully remotely with no need for onsite presence.

Mike Stark, General Manager Risk, noted “Bonroy selected Igloo’s cloud ETRM platform from the start, as it provides modern, state of the art functionality and integration for oil and gas trading that can be delivered with minimal implementation time, fees; and, was implemented remotely. The team at Igloo have decades of experience in delivering ETRM solutions and have delivered an end to end trading and risk management solution quickly, without incidents, that provides signification automation benefits in terms of exchange connectivity, STP and reconciliations.”

About Igloo

Igloo is an energy trading and risk management platform engineered to meet the needs of traders operating in today’s energy markets. Igloo Trading Solutions, the developer of Igloo, is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and solutions for traders in these markets. With substantial experience in trading and technology at some of Europe’s largest energy trading organisations, the team behind Igloo have developed the platform with the conviction that ETRM can be done simpler, better and more cost-effectively.

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Published on:
27 May 2020

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