Igloo. Intelligent energy trading from European energy trading experts

Igloo is an energy trading and risk management (ETRM) platform engineered to meet the needs of traders operating in today’s European markets.

Igloo Trading Solutions, the developer of Igloo, is a leading provider of cutting-edge products and solutions for traders in these markets

With substantial experience in trading and technology at some of Europe’s largest energy trading organisations, the team behind Igloo have developed the platform with the conviction that ETRM can be done simpler, better and more cost-effectively.

The Igloo vision

The energy trading landscape is changing. Digitalization, driven by new technologies, is disintermediating access to markets and democratising the availability of data for new and incumbent players alike. As a result, volumes traded are increasing, being transacted electronically and in higher frequency than ever before.

Against this backdrop, our core belief is that the ETRM technology should be smarter, faster and equally accessible to all.

Energy transition and digitalisation are fundamentally changing the energy supply chain and traded markets. Old business models and technology no longer support new ways of working. We want to disrupt the ETRM vendor sector by offering modern, leading-edge functionality that works. Energy trading is changing - that’s why at Igloo we believe in intelligent energy trading
Hugh Brunswick
Chairman, Igloo Trading Solutions

The Igloo team

The development of Igloo and its launch to the European energy trading market is led by a team comprising experienced and highly-regarded European markets ETRM professionals.

Tim Harrison

CEO & Founder

The Founder of Igloo, Tim has worked in Commodities since 1999, leading global teams at investment banks, trading houses and energy companies.

Tim has built out systems for front and back office and has an excellent record of delivering Commodities technology.

Tim has in-depth knowledge of CTRM systems, having implemented these at Mercuria, Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers.

James Welsh


Formerly Head of Trading technology at Mercuria, James joined Igloo in 2016.

With over 15 years’ experience in Commodities technology, James has overseen development in all areas from algorithmic trading to back office.

Having worked with investment banks in both London and New York, as well as commodity trading houses, James has extensive product knowledge traversing a diverse set of business areas.

Hugh Brunswick


With over 20 years experience in energy and commodity markets, Hugh joined Igloo in 2019 as Chairman of the Board, having nurtured the partnership between Igloo and Equias B.V. where he is CEO.

Having worked in business and IT consultancy, and subsequently with EFET, EFETnet and Equias, Hugh brings to Igloo his deep understanding of the energy and commodity markets from strategic, regulatory, commercial, operational and technical perspectives.

Mohammed Alanizi

Head of Sales

Mohammed joined Igloo in 2020, having previously managed new sales and client relationships within a Fortune 500 Company.

Mohammed brings with him a comprehensive understanding of corporate best practices, while continually developing a seamless client experience within a highly regulated world of Energy and Commodities, translating real market requirements into solutions to build lasting partnerships.

In partnership. Outstanding energy trading solutions powered by Igloo technology

“The ability to execute trades, manage and reconcile imbalance, and understand real P&L versus traded P&L in the same platform delivers significant commercial upside and operational cost savings to Conrad. IWe selected Igloo as their modern, cloud-based ETRM architecture provided powerful functionality as standard and the team has decades of ETRM delivery experience”

Lee Priestley
Commercial Director at Conrad Energy

“Bonroy selected Igloo’s cloud ETRM platform as it provides modern, state of the art functionality and integration for oil and gas trading that can be delivered with minimal implementation time, fees; and, was implemented remotely. The team at Igloo have decades of experience in delivering ETRM solutions and have delivered an end to end trading and risk management solution quickly, without incidents, that provides signification automation benefits in terms of exchange connectivity, STP and reconciliations”

Mike Stark
General Manager Risk

“We partnered with Igloo for our eTP and eTS trading services, as both team and product stood out in the ETRM vendor space. Their cloud-from-the-start approach, designed by European power and gas traders specifically for the European energy markets, was a differentiator. Wanting partners that understood trading, with a solution that could be delivered quickly and simply and scale to support changing markets, Igloo was the clear choice ”

Liam Dunne
COO Equias B.V.

“We were looking for a custom-built trading platform that required speed and flexibility. We opted to partner with Igloo for their requisite technical and market expertise. Igloo delivered us a complex, customized solution within a demanding project deadline”

Bart Pycke
Founder, Yuso

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